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Hi, I’m Celeste Hawkins from Melbourne, Australia.

I teach, write and make art. I love these three, so this site is dedicated to my three loves!

Some of my art is here

My current quest is to combine my visual arts practice with the power of words! I think I’m almost there-stay tuned!

As for this site, it is mostly a collection of stories that I have gathered over time. 

Stories of love, of struggle and of the process of making-often hidden behind the scenes. It also houses a collection of reviews and thoughts about this and that pertaining to the act of creating.  

I also hope that you can learn something here, as I do each and every time I post something new.

Most of the interviews are with artists or those involved with the arts from Melbourne, or from other parts of this diverse and vast land we call Australia.

Check out the interview section for some of these amazing journeys. And explore the Art Diary series for more!

And thanks kindly to The Big Smoke for a review of my blog. Read it here.

As long as it lasts-Julie Sheils

As long as it lasts-Julie Sheils


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One Comment on “About”

  1. I am a visual artist, director and actor who just bought a little theatre and gallery on credit LOL – I am trying to keep independent art alive – i would love to do an interview / story about it. We have the first show opening 25th Feb i would love you to come along if you like

    please look at my website for more info and call if you wish to meet and discuss options
    I also have with some paintings

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