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Hi, I’m Celeste Hawkins from Melbourne, Australia.

I teach, write and make art.

See my website here where I tell you more about the artists that inspire me. I also have a small collection of artworks and a CV.

I have made a commitment to post at least once a week, however long or short!  In this space, apart from the latest events, prizes and exhibitons that I may list or comment on, I mostly  share my tastes and ideas on art.  I’ve always been interested in the internal struggles and motivations of other artists and anyone involved in a creative vocation. How do they cope-trying to make art and raise a family, balance their passion with their paid job, try to make money from their art, actualise their ideas? And on a more personal note, this is exactly where I am at. These are just a few of many questions.

I’m a gatherer of knowledge. I am also a collector of stories. I have always held a deep passion for the interview.

I do admit to have in my posession- at the ready; piles of books and magazines, ripped out articles, sticky notes and scrawled ideas on envelopes, a ridiculously long bookmarked section on the computer and visual diaries full of bits and pieces and I’m always grateful that there is a forum for these bits to go forth and be reborn into a new space.

At times, I’m also here to explore and share the process of making and creating with the help of (mostly Melbourne) creators who are happy to share their passions. Check out the interview section for some of these experiences!

Every so often, I send out a newsletter of my favourite posts. Ok, one so far..but another will arrive soon! So please feel free to subscribe!

If you would like to re-post any of the written content here please contact me on the email address below.

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