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Image credit: “I’m not Molly Ringwald” by Melbourne based performance artist Telia Nevile.


I’m Celeste and I’m CURIOUS about ART…and the ART of WRITING.

These days, I try to post here on my adventures in my own art making and if you can’t find any updates, there is still plently more here for you to discover..

The Art and The Curious was a 6 year project that started back in 2012 as a result of being in love with the idea of having an online platform to express my ideas AND combine it with my love for making art whilst exploring how others feel about their art making processes. These days I can mostly be found on instagram and slowly adding new items to my etsy shop!

This is my portfolio and essentially an archive of many interviews, essays and commentary on all things art.  Read on to get inspired by all the amazing stories of some very talented people.

You can contact me here for questions: theartandthecurious@gmail.com

Thanks kindly to The Big Smoke for a review of my blog

Read it here.  

If you would like to re-post any of the written content here please contact me on the email address above. For images, please provide a link or written credit to this blog. Thanks! 

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  1. I am a visual artist, director and actor who just bought a little theatre and gallery on credit LOL – I am trying to keep independent art alive – i would love to do an interview / story about it. We have the first show opening 25th Feb i would love you to come along if you like

    please look at my website for more info and call if you wish to meet and discuss options
    I also have http://www.customart.com.au with some paintings

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