Getting out of my own way.. again!

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It has been a long time between posts! Even so, I have been busy “doing” as I did decide to take a long break from interviews and reviews and focus on my own illustration practice. I guess I just decided to call the interview side of things a “six year project”. I have done a bit of writing in the background, mostly for the children’s market. Nothing published as yet-just stories (nearly) ready to go. Checking on the analytics, It’s good to know that the blog has had a consistent audience and that my interviews and thought processes have been of use to many. So! I’ve decided to take some action on things that have been annoying me for several years.


These are the things I AM doing this year:

  1. Submitting manuscripts to publishers
  2. Making the art I REALLY want to make
  3. Getting more stuff stocked in the shop
  4. Create a square space website for my art and writing practice

I think I have been way too caught up on trying to merge my illustration practice and my writing practice together with the aim of getting my first children’s book published. But what if I just separate the two (at least for now)? This has been a huge epiphany and taken a whole lot of pressure off. I did however manage to pull this little zine together and merged the two in this handy little guide for beginner writers. See the link to my guide in my shop here.

So there is a lot to do! And yes I will be posting more and hopefully will inspire others along in their journey too.

Check back soon!

X Celeste

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