Highlights from End of The Line Festival…

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By Celeste Hawkins

Two weekends ago(yes, I know I’m a little slow) a great number of muscians, artists, performers and crafters bonded together for a monster of a community arts festival. The atmosphere was typically relaxing as the vibe tends to be in the hills, yet bustling with activity. I didn’t recognise some of the venues as they had been transformed to accomodate all the wonderful imagery and installations. There were also a number of stalls outside, predominately running along the stretch of road that runs above the railway line and behind the shops and into the main carpark near the Cameo Cinemas. Over 200 artists and more than 40 musical acts came together for the beau tifully warm day.Hopefully it will run again next year!


Below are are number of images from the day and you get a peek of artwork by Shelley Krycer and the studios of the Tiffaney Bishop Collective. I endeavour to chat to Tiffany soon, who has been doing a lot of work with the youth in hills. Here below you can see a glimpse of the new space she has to allow young people to express themselves through a number of mediums. Enjoy




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