New film on Melbourne’s Graffiti Art Movement

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By Celeste Hawkins

Children of the Iron Snake
2012, 51 min., English

Charting the development of the Melbourne street art scene, Children of the Iron Snake looks at the last thirty years and tracks the journey of graffiti from railway junctions at night to festivals, abandoned factories, rooftops, drains and galleries. Comprising interviews with over 15 artists, as well as criminologists, anti-graffiti activists, and politicians, the film offers a in-depth look at one of the biggest art movements of our time.
“Melbourne’s Aerosol Age.”

You can enter the site here:

I couldn’t help feeling a sense of nostalgia recalling my years at school while the graffiti art and hip-hop scene was really taking off,before the stencil art thing hit in a big way.

It has been an exciting time, charting the journey of all the changes. A good question posed in the film- if it were to be made legal-would it still have the same effect?

The documentary also features Melbourne’s own, Mark Holesworth-you can read his blog here

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