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Oh dear. This is the first time since begining this blog that I have actually missed a post, I am a day late.My sincere apologies to my regular followers, and

I know that there are a few dedicated folk; and I thankyou! The silly season is now apon us, and I am being a wee bit forgetful with it all.

However, despite my absentminded state, I have a strong recollection of an exhibition I saw a few days ago at Heide.

Louise Bourgeois, who only recently passed on at the age of 98 was well reknowned for her sculptural works; giant spiders and soft forms of the human figure were prominent. Her work

embodies an emotional state of her upbringing. Giant spider legs, thematically represenative of the nuturer, the weaver, the creator…her mother. After seeing this exhibit, I can see how Del Kathryn Barton

felt a strong connection to the work of this woman and even a conectedness to her emotional state, particularly those of isolation and anxiety. Read more about Del and her influences here:

However, I have only scratched the surface, the ideas go much deeper than this. When you visit Heide, you will also be able to catch some of the earlier works of Sidney Nolan.

I’ll be posting again in January. Enjoy your break.

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