ART DIARY 11- Marion Joy Moise and Rosemarie Reber

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By Celeste Hawkins

For Art Diary 11, the artists have decided to promote their Artists Statement for their upcoming show “Surface”. The layered and tactile qualities of encaustic collage, charcoal and ceramics are examples of works that invite us to engage with this exhibition.

“Surface” opens one the 29th of October at Cambridge Studio Gallery. More details below:



By Marion Joy Moise and Rose Marie Reber


Solitude-Marion Joy Moise

The title of the exhibition ‘Surface’ relates directly to the tactile nature of the pieces in this exhibition. Featuring both real and simulated texture, the lyrical and imaginative quality of surfaces was the major focus, for both artists, in the making of the works for this exhibition.

Marion Joy Moise is inspired the by a variety of influences, including impressions of the built environment and interactions with the natural environment. Her response to the ‘surface’ brief is mysterious in her figurative work, as she portrays impressions of human and animal figures moving on, through or into a surface. In her abstract pieces Moise uses an intuitive approach to the mixed media, which is applied through pouring, scratching, scraping and laying down of a variety of paper and tissue surfaces into/onto the encaustic and sometimes acrylic media, resulting in a sensuous and inviting surface.


New York-Marion Joy Moise

Rosemarie Reber incorporates her astute observational skill when interpreting the surface quality of her motif, the Australian native flower, the Protea, in a variety of 2D and 3D media. Her delicate and multi-layered pastel and charcoal drawings seem to move on the surface of the paper and her ceramic interpretations (in the form of installation pieces) of her inspirational flower are strangely life-like while her colourful paintings are tactile and seem to dance off the canvas.


Dancing Protea (detail) Rosemarie Reber


Abstracted Protea (detail)



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