Changes ahead…

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Things are changing on the blog!

As long as it lasts-Julie Sheils

Yep- Melbourne artist Julie Sheils via the chair delivers this so well!

For about 4.5 years now I have been dedicated to promoting and sharing the creative journeys of (mostly) Melbourne Artists. This will continue for a bit… but my own art practice has been selfishly taking over! With a main focus on illustration and sometimes words to accompany them, its all happening. I have gotten to the point where I am SICK of myself and all the procrastination that can impede but ultimately either force us into action or render us useless forever.

Fortunately, I am finally taking some action! The blog will remain and chart my journey further into this new exciting phase. So I will aim to still make weekly posts on the blog as I have done all this time!


So please visit again!


In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram here:  @theartandthecurious


x Celeste

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