How is your knowledge on Contemporary Art? 4 Must Read Articles:

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By Celeste Hawkins


Have you ever had an argument with a friend or family member about what constitutes a ‘good’ work of art?

Or even whether, something is indeed, art?

Anyway, if you feel as if you need an injection of knowledge for when this next need arises, I can highly recommend these 4 to get you going!


2melissadeerson-1024x556 (1)

Melissa Deerson-Rock’s eye View-2013


1.“Social Media Art in the Expanded Field”  By Ben Davis 

Ben Davis from Art Net Magazine explores the new paradigms within the contemporary art sphere, Art and Social Media. He even presents a semiotic square based on the French semiotican A.J Grimas and utilized by art critic Rosalind Krauss. The diagram serves a purpose to explore and create some boundaries and categories-but Ben reminds us to not take it too seriously. He explains that Social Media art takes its cues from the ‘relational esthetics’ tradition, which is opposite to that of traditional based art in the private space. He gives examples of performance art, social art projects, mods and video art within this expanded field.

Art Net Magazine


2. “Three Questions not to ask about Art and four to ask instead” By Kit Messham-Muir 

In this article from The Conversation, Kit Messham-Muir spells it out clearly; these are the questions not to ask and he explains why. He invites us to think about the historical context in which the artwork was created and why it was important to the artist. He then gives us four clear questions to ask, based on Terry Smith’s formula for understanding art.

The Conversation


3. “Understanding Contemporary Art” by Michelle Marder Kamhi

This article gives you a summary of the historical background of contemporary or post-modern art, why it came about and what it is. It also critiques the works of well known Conceptual artists, explains necessary terminology and offers solutions for teachers and educators in the teaching of Contemporary art.



4. “7 Ways Technology is changing how Art is Made” by Randy Rieland

Wall Climbing robots that paint, pollution data visualised in colour, layers of laser cut paper turned into elaborate works. Feast your mind on this!

The Smithsonian

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