My new 80’s Project

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I’ve just embarked on my first artist in residence project at Heritage Hill, Laurel Lodge in Dandenong where I am lucky enough to have my very own studio for three months! I’ll be turning my attention toward the 80’s for the next several weeks and drawing on the experiences of Dandenong Residents and creating artworks that reflect these experiences. I mean, its not the first time I’ve created works about clothing or with clothes. A couple of years ago my final work at VCA was an installation of my own clothes from the 1980s and 90’s. I also enjoy pulling apart old clothing and making new objects. There were two things I wanted to be at primary school; either a Fashion Designer or a Journalist.  Although I never became either of these in that specific and exact job title,  I have definitely danced around both of these areas for years in different vocations  and personal projects for years and integrated them into my Arts practice and still do! I’ll be sure to post some progress shots for you over the next few weeks. Check my instagram too for more updates and images. Here are a few more drawings I’ve been working on. Till next time! Celeste xx



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