Student Artist Profile:”MJ”

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Meet ‘MJ’, a second year Visual Art student at Victoria University. MJ’s work, is never devoid of comment from admirers; who marvel at his ability of his attention to detail and control of his favourite medium, oil paint.  He has an energy that is contagious, he loves life and has a passion for creating. He has recently entered a work in the Heartlands Refugee Art Prize and regularly exhibits work with his classmates on Level 17 at Victoria University, Flinders Street Campus. Below are some photos from the amazing Studio’s on the 17th floor.


Name: Mehdi Jaghuri


Influences: Goya and Cathy Kollowitz

Inspired by: People, colour, learning, different cultures and identities, train travel and it’s interesting passengers,family

Future: As an artist, I want to enter more exhibitions and prizes and possibly look at being a Primary School Teacher!

People tell me: That I talk a lot older than my years. My parents and teachers inform me that I’m like a modern day philosopher

as I just love life and am always encouraging others to be happy.



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