5 Great Art Blogs you Must Visit

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By Celeste Hawkins


“I wish I had some Chocolate!”


It’s cold in Melbourne.

My hands are numb.

I’m not complaining though. I just need some fuel to get writing.

So while I am doing my utmost trying not to eat chocolate… and pretending to be healthy by eating those cacao protein balls (which get kind of boring after a while)….

I give to you… a list!

I do have these in my handy link list above, but a little reminder every now and again doesn’t hurt. This selection offers you a broad range of what’s on offer out there. Some take a more academic approach, some more light or magazine in their style and one is just downright hilarious. Some are an interesting blend…but all are rich in digestible content.


Elizabeth Fortesque –ArtWriter

This site is a great round up of Art News from Sydney and around Australia, to keep you in the know. It contains in depth interviews with artists from overseas, art prize recipients and other art news. Elizabeth also writes for Artist Profile, The Daily Telegraph and the Art Newspaper.


Lucy Feagins- The Design Files


Well, everybody knows about the Design Files. But just incase… Lucy Feagins has a fantastic eye and has built up this brand so successfully over the years. There is of course the annual Design Files Open House; a recent addition is a great series of short films called ‘Melbourne Mornings’, which are shot beautifully. Great eye candy and stories to enjoy.


Kenny Pittock– Artist and writer

Kenny lives his art. Kenny rubs shoulders with both sporting and art celebrities with ease and then in a lovingly honest way, blogs about his experiences. He constantly sketches, makes zines and won the Linden Postcard Show a few years ago for his unforgettable work Clingy Ex-Boyfriend. Kenny currently has a 3D work in the Craft Cubed exhibition.


Mark Holsworth-Black Mark-Melbourne Art and Culture Critic

Mark Holsworth (who I have interviewed a couple of times) has a fondness for Melbourne Street art and Sculpture and has a new book called The Sculptures of Melbourne. He is also a critic in the true sense of the word, covering relevant news stories and offering his honest opinion on exhibitions and works of art. When Mark isn’t writing, he tries to find time to paint.


Facter- Invurt

Artist and Writer Facter has grown this site over the past 10 years to become the go to webzine for Melbourne Street Art and beyond, extending into Asia and NZ, ultimately becoming the destination for Australasian Art, particularly related to the Street Art landscape.


I hope you enjoyed my selection.


Bugger this.


I’m off to buy some chocolate.

Russian Blue cat

Yes it’s me again…








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