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By Celeste Hawkins

I have finally joined Pinterest! Having expressed myself in this space for almost three years now I have realised that consistency is key, however slow. I almost always regularly post in this space once a week. I have to say that the longer the time goes by, how (mostly quietly) proud I am that I can keep the momentum going! I feel this is very much a ‘side project’ that sits alongside all my other ‘side projects’. However, I am wondering if there can ever be ‘only one’ as they all seem to complement eachother and contribute to the whole.

The Slow Art Collective

Dylan and helper-The Slow Art Collective

I am not completely sure of what the outcome of this space might be, I’ve let go of thinking about that. I have also made a descision not to endorse any paid advertising on the site (at least for now) as I would like to support businesses or artists who just need a bit of a plug or recognition for their efforts.

I do however, endeavour to utlise my camera a lot more to capture all sorts of interesting images for you to enjoy. So please bare with me while my pinterest board slowly evolves and be sure to check in every now and again 🙂

Be sure to check this space next week as I run an interview on a Melbourne Installation artist who has recently returned from a very interesting holiday…

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