To Real or not to Real?.. that is the Question!

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Hi Everyone!

Yes well..get on with it!

Today’s little post is about where I have always liked to hang out-and that is the space between realism and the imaginary. The only way I can actually discipline myself to draw completely as real or as life like as possible is if I am sitting in a life drawing class. Why is this? Perhaps its because I don’t see life as it is, in that there are many more layers to life than just what we see in front of us with our two eyes. It could also be that I try to look on the funny side of things and cannot help by adding a humorous aspect to my work (much of the time).

I do admire people who occupy this photorealistic space like CJ Hendry, for example. She has adopted a really good idea and a skill which makes for a powerful combination!

I seek to keep pushing these boundaries-by tipping more into one and then more into the other whilst keeping toes in both! We shall see! Until then I leave you with a couple of small drawings that I have been posting for the 100 days of illustration challenge on Instagram.

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Thanks for your support and for reading!

Well..I am not amused!


Have a great week-Celeste xx

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