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By Celeste Hawkins



On a broader scale, the creative journey may refer to our lives as we venture out into the world to gather experiences.

Sometimes our experiences bring us right back to the beginning, other times we go sideways or keep going upwards until we plateau…and then fall into a deep sleep or depression; unable to regain our sense of purpose or feel unsure as to where to from here? After this crash, many are able to find their true sense of purpose and feel very sure on their path.

For some, they already had a clear sense of the journey from a young age. Others, like myself, have had to travel halfway around the world!

I’ve always been fascinated with the process of creation, and as the years push on (not meaning to sound too arduous), I have reasoned that the process is just as important if not more so than the final product. That is what I have always told my students in the past; yet on some occasions, it’s hard to accept.

On a more personal scale, how do artists, writers, film directors, etc feel about this journey, how do they do it?  A few may have a regimented existence, where they awake every morning at 5am, drink tons of coffee and come out of the studio sometime that evening. A few are more sporadic. Some may work day and night  towards their deadline until they collapse in a heap….I heard a comment recently that someone had become almost ‘pathalogical’ about their work, where they were obsessing about it so much, it engulfed almost every thought.

This is only one part of that multi-layered journey. I aim to discover what makes each individual unique in their approach to their work and at the same time gather these ideas in a bundle to look at these experiences collectively.

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