I finally made it to Mona!

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By Celeste Hawkins

My apologies for the lack of post this last week as I was busy experiencing Mona in Hobart, Tasmania….finally!

Stepping into Mona is like stepping into the belly of it’s creator David Walsh. It has to be experienced to understand.

I found it somewhat disorienting to navigate at times, circling up and down the stairs or through the same overpass several times-maybe too much champagne on the ferry?”Oh have I  been to this bit?”, some of us ferry travelers would comment as we passed each other.

The selection of artwork is like no other collection I have seen anywhere and I highly recommend you go and experience it for yourself unless you’re one of the many who have already had the privilege.

Check out the pics I have posted of my favourite artworks on instagram here!




Hubert Duprat, Untitled 2008-13 Iceland spar (calcite crystals),glue



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