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Hi there!

My apologies for my lack of post last week. Things have got pretty busy (but in a good way of course!)

Initially I set out to post 100 days of illustration on Instagram and then the residency opportunity came along so that no longer felt suitable. I thought I’d continue with 100 days of posting ‘something’ but that soon became tiresome. After I while it felt forced and also felt a bit like a burden. When you put yourself under pressure like that it can eventually feel like a deadweight and lead to burn out. That is certainly what I don’t want to happen! So what did I learn from my Instagram challenge? I did post a few good drawings that I was happy with-but also quite a few that weren’t really finished and were just being posted to meet my own silly daily deadline that I imposed on myself. My current work doesn’t really lend itself to daily posts.

So where am I with the residency? I am working on it daily. I have a rather detailed drawing plan up and running for an A3 size coloured pencil drawing and a nice piece of Fabriano Artistico paper ready. I’ve also been making pom poms! Yes, I envisage a wall hanging with these and a juxtaposition of fabric and some other popular 80’s craft intertwined. Meanwhile, there is a survey sitting in the Dandenong Library that I need check on respondents which will give me some fodder for further artworks.

The Image above is entitled “Imagined Self Portrait with Rollerskates”. You can read more about it on Instagram. 🙂


Check back soon!


Celeste x 

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