More on small spaces…and Check Out How Great my Friends Are!!

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Ok-I’m not about to tell you about my friends-but certainly got your attention didn’t I?

First up this week:

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out some of Melbournes smaller more quirky spaces for art viewing-be sure to check this one.

Telia Nevile’s playful photographic collection of postcards starts on August the 6th. Direct yourself here

to read more about the history of these curious boxes found at the entrance foyer of 141 Flinders lane, Melbourne.

The beauty of viewing smaller works is that we a drawn up close;it seems a much more intimate experience. For in that one moment-it is just ourselves and the artwork.




Then, get yourself to The Fitzroy Library Art Space at 100 Barkly Street to see the result of a collaboration of 25 artists with a huge range of works.

Opening Night 7th August 6:30pm-8:30pm




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