Amelia grew up in the 70’s

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Here’s my contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday  theme of ‘swirl’. For this, I couldn’t help thinking of 70’s swirl patterns. This is slightly autobiographical (although I was more a ‘child’ of the 80’s).

Amelia grew up in the 70’s. She remembers the grand dinner parties, with the loud, drunken guests. The canapés that inevitably crumbled on to the floor. Pate and oysters, they were her favourites. Although she didn’t know what she was looking at, that wallpaper with its swirls and whirls has stuck in her mind. It mesmerised her and she would stare and stare for hours. Once, she even tried to put her paw up to see if it was moving. If she closes her eyes now, she can still see the patterns swirling and swimming around..


See you next week!


Celeste x

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