A mural, a garden and banners displayed by defiant town…

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Take one determined Hills Community and one Corporate Junk Food giant with a clear agenda and an interesting narrative unfolds. The outcome of the long struggle to save Hills from Maccas has been a decision by VCAT and the Council to overlook the needs and desires of thousands of Hills residents and supporters; in other words…a go ahead for a 24 hour, 7 days a week facility on busy Burwood Higway and opposite nearby Tecoma Primary school. The following pictures were taken 2 weeks ago, and since then vandals have burnt a small section of the garden and another brightly coloured sign has been tied to the front fence. The pictures were taken two weeks ago on Sunday morning, some guys had slept on the site overnight. You will also see this colourful mural put together by local Tecoma primary school students. Read more about the mural here:






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