Mid -Winter in Melbourne

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This weekend just gone has seen a myriad of Mid Winter Solstice Celebrations around Melbourne.
Of course there was the annual Belgrave Lantern Parade on Saturday the 22nd, which just seems to get bigger
every year. The hoardes descended into the cold, pouring out of the train Station or marching from their homes with
handmade or purchased lanterns in hand. Belly Dancing, Fire Twirling, Karate Demonstrations and of course the evergrowing and changing Lantern designs were prominent.Food stalls and Music perfomances kept the crowds warm and entertained into the evening.

The day prior, on the Friday, I found myself chatting to ‘Nina’ who was tending the fire at Federation Square. Fire you say?
It was freezing that morning-so to find a beautifully kept welcoming fire in the centre of the square was a welcoming find.
Nina was helping to keep the fire burning throughout the month. ‘Leempeeyt weeyn’are the elders of Melbourne’s indigenous communities.
The creator of the piece is indigenous elder Viki Couzens, and the fire burns throughout the month, providing a welcome for the traditional custodians of the land as well as the hub of workshops and perfomances.

Whilst there, an MX photographer was taking photos of one of the dance trios, practising for one of the many events. During these celebrations, Nina was explaning that
various communities around Melbourne are represented. There are community dances on stage and around the fire;traditional fare is also made and shared
by communities. What a great way to bring cultural awarness and knowledge to the wider community.”Yo Hobo” is also apart of Celebrations at Fed sqaure at this
time-Light Stencil Art and paper lanterns can be seen at the square too.




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