Art Diary 12-Katherine Castle

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Art Diary 12 Katherine Castle

Katherine Castle is a wildlife artist. Perhaps you have sipped unassumingly from one of the mugs or eaten from a plate in which her birds, leaves and other wildlife images can be found. It’s amazing how our childhood influences can shape our journeys and as you will read, this is has held true for Katherine. Enjoy.

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Peaceful Days

By Katherine Castle

Without my grandparents influence I don’t think I would have become a wildlife artist. My grandmother introduced me to art. Late in life after retirement, my Nan went to art school, developed her passion, her style and her love for art and passed her knowledge and passion onto me. She took me to galleries, going on many long train trips into Sydney and surrounds visiting the Paddington galleries and many others. She also inspired me to paint and draw as part of life. Sketching different personalities on train rides, in streets and general everyday life.


The Visitor-Red Brown Finches

My grandfather was an avid birdwatcher and photographer, we used to accompany him and my grandmother on outings where we spent hours listening to bird calls, identifying species and generally appreciating nature. My grandmother would be there pointing out little nuances in the bush, like light touching leaves, shapes, patterns and colours.


Centre of Attention-Fairy Wrens

I finished art school and I dabbled in landscape painting. One day after visiting friends who had lorikeets feeding on their back deck. I drew some lorikeets from the photos I had taken and it sold straight away at an exhibition I entered it into. This inspired me to paint more, calling on the past influences of my grandparents and I have never looked back. There has been some ups and downs and many, many hours of practice, refining my skills. Now, though I am a full time artist, specialising in painting birds and wildlife, my paintings are published onto mugs, plates and placemats and sold in many countries throughout the world.  I have a growing client base and followers of my work. I couldn’t be happier with how it has all turned out.


Flying Free-Katherine Castle












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