Making work because you love it….

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By Celeste Hawkins

American journalist and author Patrick Ness said in an interview with RRR radio last week that when he tried to create a novel that was a popular style and genre at the time-he failed. However, when he wrote from the heart-where the issues were more dear and personal to him he succedded and his novels are loved and are popular amongst teen audiences.
In an extract from-Rick Amor by Gavin Fry-Amor reflects years later saying how he was never really happy until he created art he wanted to create.”I was much happier when I gave up trying to be modern and simply painted how I wanted to”. Amor tried to heed the advice of John Brack:”follow your ideas and stay out of movements, and if you work hard, by the age of forty you might get somewhere.”

How many artists create work just to sell and how many because they want to push and explore their ideas? Is there a middle ground? How much compromise has to be made?

Afternoon by the Sea

Rick Amor
Afternoon by the Sea
Oil on Canvas

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